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Female sexual disorders, ways of treatment

Many women push forward or agree to have sex because they want to have an emotional intimacy or want to improve a state of health, confirm their attractiveness or please a partner. But a woman does not always have a sexual desire, and this way harms herself.

A physiology of the female body differs from the male one because women may have a sexual life even during the serious sexual disorders. But in this case, she will have a discomfort. Pain, unpleasant sensations, absence of orgasm, no emotional mood are the signs of the sexual disorder.

Physiology of the female sexual reaction is not completely studied but it is related to the hormonal influence and is regulated by the central nervous system, and also subjective and physical activation and orgasm. A sexual satisfaction depends on the level of the sexual arousal of a woman. If the sexual arousal is low, the insufficient blood circulation happens in the genitals, and it leads to the poor production of the lubrication. Due to this, women often have pain during the sexual intercourse.

Moreover, scientists have proved that if a woman has sex without any pleasure, it harms her state of mind and may cause a disgust for sex.

There are main categories of the sexual disorders in women:

  • Disorder of the sexual desire/interest
  • Disorder of the sexual arousal
  • Orgasm disorder

These disorders are usually hidden by a woman within a long period. It happens because they do not want to hurt their partner and they are afraid to hear a bad doctor’s diagnosis.

If women did not have an opportunity to treat the sexual disorders 10-15 years ago, now they have a wide choice of the medical products. Generic Female Viagra is one of them.

Generic Female Viagra have been recently developed on the basis of the male drug Viagra to treat the erectile dysfunction. Taking the pills, women can feel the increase of the sexual desire and arousal during the sexual intercourse at the first day of the use.

If a woman did not have orgasm for a long time, more than 90% women have intensive orgasm and get satisfaction during sex after several uses of Generic Female Viagra. It is one of few methods to treat the female sexual disorders but nowadays it is the most effective and available one to every woman.

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