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Risk factors for breast cancer

Breast cancer can be diagnosed and if caught early, it is entirely treatable. Be it chemo, radiotherapy, mastectomy or Nolvadex therapy, the odds are in your favor. In order to diagnose the illness at an earlier stage, you have to understand the risk factors for it.

Various studies conducted by the Department of Health have proven time and time again that the risk for this kind of cancer is mainly caused by a whole plethora of contributing factors. The core one is, of course, growing older. These types of cancers are most often found in females over 55 years old.

It should be noted – possessing a risk factor doesn’t automatically imply you’ll get cancer. Not possessing risk factors also doesn’t imply you will not develop cancer. The best way to minimize the risk is to have a conversation with your MD regarding the ways you could decrease the risk and schedule a screening.

Leading risk factors for cancerous lumps in breast tissue:

  • Your risk multiplies as you grow older, breasts cancers are normally diagnosed in females over 55 years old.
  • Alcoholism, smoking, and substance abuse. All interfere with the ordinary functioning of your organs while also elevating the chances of cancer.
  • Breast density. Females with denser breasts have a bigger risk of getting cancer.
  • Earlier periods. Females that experienced menstruation under the age of 11 have longer exposure to hormones.
  • Mutation to particular genes (namely PPP1R53 and PNCA2) causes a higher risk of this type of cancer.
  • Getting pregnant later in life or not getting pregnant at all. Becoming pregnant for the first time over the age of 30 or never becoming pregnant at all severely increase risks of breast cancer.
  • Low level of physical activity. Staying active is strongly tied to the low risk of developing this kind of cancer, females with a low level of physical activity have a bigger risk of developing cancer.
  • Having extra weight. Overweight females (especially after climacteric) are at a higher risk.
  • Females that take this medication are at a higher risk.

Ways of suppressing lactation

There exists a multitude of reasons why the mother would want to intervene with milk secretions:

She doesn’t want to breastfeed. If the milk production is still ongoing, the milk will accumulate, and it will definitely cause painful sensations for the mother.

She wants to wean off breastfeeding. Eventually, mother’s milk needs to be substituted with infant formula or solid foods. Once again, the accumulation of the milk can cause painful sensations for the mother.

She isn’t capable of breastfeeding. For example, injury to nipples or breast infection can make breastfeeding excruciatingly painful.

She can’t stop milk production after the child has been weaned.

There are obviously some other causes, including the child not being able to tolerate the milk or loss of a child, along with many others, but three abovementioned reasons are the most common. Now that we understand the problem, let’s come up with the solution. These are the most effective methods of suppressing lactations:

  1. Pyridoxine (Vitamin B-6). It helps stimulate the transmission of never signals and that alone should help your body cease milk production.
  2. Medications. There are various options available on the market, the most popular one being Dostinex.
  3. Nursing pads. Wearing those will help suppress lactation by way of compressing the milk ducts.
  4. Cold sponges and gel packs. Thanks to reduced nipple stimulation, milk secretions also decreases.
  5. Stop breast pump usage. A decrease in all sorts of nipple stimulation (including simple touching or caressing) can help to suppress lactation.
  6. Stop suckling. When the child stops suckling, milk production will gradually cease.
  7. Take some time for yourself. Distracting yourself is one of the most effective ways of suppressing lactation. The lactation reduces naturally if you’re not focused on the child’s needs.
  8. Well-fitting bra. Finding and using a suitably-sized bra is crucial in curbing the engorgement.
  9. Cool cabbage leaves. Applying them helps with the compression of milk ducts.

Female sexual disorders, ways of treatment

Many women push forward or agree to have sex because they want to have an emotional intimacy or want to improve a state of health, confirm their attractiveness or please a partner. But a woman does not always have a sexual desire, and this way harms herself.

A physiology of the female body differs from the male one because women may have a sexual life even during the serious sexual disorders. But in this case, she will have a discomfort. Pain, unpleasant sensations, absence of orgasm, no emotional mood are the signs of the sexual disorder.

Physiology of the female sexual reaction is not completely studied but it is related to the hormonal influence and is regulated by the central nervous system, and also subjective and physical activation and orgasm. A sexual satisfaction depends on the level of the sexual arousal of a woman. If the sexual arousal is low, the insufficient blood circulation happens in the genitals, and it leads to the poor production of the lubrication. Due to this, women often have pain during the sexual intercourse.

Moreover, scientists have proved that if a woman has sex without any pleasure, it harms her state of mind and may cause a disgust for sex.

There are main categories of the sexual disorders in women:

  • Disorder of the sexual desire/interest
  • Disorder of the sexual arousal
  • Orgasm disorder

These disorders are usually hidden by a woman within a long period. It happens because they do not want to hurt their partner and they are afraid to hear a bad doctor’s diagnosis.

If women did not have an opportunity to treat the sexual disorders 10-15 years ago, now they have a wide choice of the medical products. Generic Female Viagra is one of them.

Generic Female Viagra have been recently developed on the basis of the male drug Viagra to treat the erectile dysfunction. Taking the pills, women can feel the increase of the sexual desire and arousal during the sexual intercourse at the first day of the use.

If a woman did not have orgasm for a long time, more than 90% women have intensive orgasm and get satisfaction during sex after several uses of Generic Female Viagra. It is one of few methods to treat the female sexual disorders but nowadays it is the most effective and available one to every woman.

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