Patricia Bearnson, M.D.

Sexual Medicine & Menopause Center

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The Specialities of Our Practice


We believe that menopause is a time to enjoy and celebrate.  We approach menopausal management with a complete body commitment and education so that you can be better informed about the choices available to you.  It’s not just hormone replacement therapy anymore.  We’re here to ensure that you get a healthful start on what should be the time of your life.

Sexual Medicine

Dr. Bearnson provides intimate counseling and in depth education on the subject of your sexual health.  WE believe that it is not only possible but is indeed provable that you sustain and maintain a satisfying sex-life throughout menopause.  We are committed to answering all your concerns and putting that smile back on your face!

Committed to provide you with the highest quality of care and service.  We are committed to a relationship based upon care, concur,and compassion.  We strive to make your office experience enjoyable by being good at what we do and loving it!

Osteoporosis and Bone Health

We also treat diseases that often surface during the menopause years such as Osteoporosis.  For the convenience of our patients, we have the ability to perform a detailed evaluation of your bones with the latest Lunar Prodidy DXA scanner.  Our technicians Leila Bills and Nancy Langman are certified through the International Society for Clinical Densitometry.  Our scanner also has the ability to evaluate your total body mass by accurately measuring fat and lean muscle.