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Vitamin D Supplement


Vitamin D deficiency is widespread and seems to be related to so many health concerns: osteoporosis, heart disease, depression, cancer, diabetes, immune function and even weight loss.  Vitamin D supplementation appears beneficial throughout our lifespan.  

Your body cannot create vitamin D on its own.  Instead, it’s designed to make it through sun exposure and ingesting vitamin D through food.  But, vitamin D deficiency continues to be very common.  Some theories relate this to the latitude we live in affection vitamin D absorption through the skin and bowel conditions that decrease metabolism of vitamin D that is ingested.  WE also know that we lose some of our ability to synthesize and absorb vitamin D as we age.

The growing awareness of how much our bodies rely on vitamin D has raised concern that the dietary “recommended daily intake” values are obsolete.  The US Food and Nutrition Board recommends 200 IU per day as the safety cut-off for individuals taking supplements without a doctor’s supervision.  Higher doses are safe if vitamin D levels are monitored.

If our patient’s vitamin D levels are in the low range of normal we recommend a higher dose replacement of vitamin D.  Dr. Bearnson has done research on vitamin D manufactures and has found a reputable company.  Biotech Pharmaceuticals us where we obtain our vitamin D supplement for our patients.  The 50,000 IU vitamin D3 is kept at our office for patients to purchase.

To find out more on Biotech Pharmaceuticals please visit their website

Vitamin D 50,000 IU Dosing         

In our practice if vitamin D blood levels are low Dr. Bearnson will recommend vitamin D3 50,000 IU one of the following ways.

One tablet once weekly for 4 months, then recheck vitamin D blood levels

One tablet twice weekly for 4 months, then recheck vitamin D blood levels

As your vitamin D levels are increased the supplementing of vitamin D is decreased.  Most commonly to just one vitamin D 50,000 IU once a month to maintain healthy levels.